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Connect WITH GLOBAL UP-AND-COMING ENTREPRENEURS The world is full of great ideas and success stories that go far beyond country borders. You can be part of that starting today.
OPEN UP TO OPPORTUNITIES The potential of all the projects proposed in our program is thoroughly assessed by a committee with solid experience in the field of investment.
TAKE PART IN LEBANON’S BEST INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES Lebanon, a land of business success stories, unsurprisingly boasts a high number of entrepreneurs. The country is thriving with ideas. Many of these ideas are just waiting for investors to become a reality.
STIMULATE THE ECONOMY, EMPOWER COMMUNITIES We think big. Our foremost goal is to involve and empower both investors and entrepreneurs to come together and join forces. And we believe that this ultimately stimulates all of the economy. So whether you’re a talented entrepreneur or a savvy investor, you can play a role in shaping the communities of the future.

How it Works

The best investments across various sectors
By relying on years of hands-on experience, we are ideally qualified to advise and help investors make the best deals in the most promising projects covering a large range of sectors

Home Page Application Steps

present their business projects
The Committee
analyzes the business plans for approval
select approved projects for investment

Are you on the lookout for the most promising investment opportunities?

If you are seeking investment opportunities that are selected and approved by a reputable organization, and looking to reinvest part of the profits in opportunities in Lebanon, then Invest To Stay is the best platform for you.

As a result, you will not only be partnering with industry experts to seize all the opportunities offered by the market, but you will also be playing a role in expanding the economy.

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